Crew Facilities Upgrade Program

Project dates: 2021

V/Line Project
Crew Facilities Upgrade Program

Ballarat Station Crew Facilities upgrade

The Ballarat Line Upgrade (BLU) is expected to deliver more frequent services along the Ballarat Line which will result in a growth in the number of operational staff members working along the line. The new refurbishments of the facilities will help cater for this increase in staff. The increase in yard activity at Ballarat and the service uplift means drivers will need closer access to facilities at the station. Improvements are also required to cater for the additional train yard movements that will occur as part of the new timetable.

Here's what to expect at Ballarat Station:

  • New amenities - toilets, showers, lockers and change rooms
  • New IT area
  • A meal room for drivers, conductors and all other existing Ballarat-based operations staff within the existing Platform 2 building (north side).

What about the Tissue Box?

The “Tissue Box” (Southern Cross Station) crew facilities will also be reconfigured to meet the uplift in driver numbers. This will help to better utilise the existing space and ensure that once the new timetable comes in, there are adequate facilities for the increased staff.

Here’s what to expect at Southern Cross Station:

  • Upgrade of women’s toilets, showers, lockers and change rooms
  • New IT area
  • Reconfigured and extended standby room with a new kitchen.


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