Media enquiries

If you’re a journalist or broadcaster seeking information about V/Line, our communications team welcomes your enquiries.

For urgent media enquiries, phone (03) 9619 5955 to speak to the duty media officer or leave a message to request a call back.

For information about delays and disruptions on the network, please check the “Live service updates” tab on the home page at or follow us on Twitter.

If you need more information, please give the media line a call.

Media filming and photography

If a media organisation needs vision or photographs, our communications team can help to arrange access to our stations.

At some times of the day we can also accommodate camera crews and reporters on board our trains.

But you need permission.

It’s important to phone our media line on (03) 9619 5955 and give as much notice as you can. We’ll do everything we can to help you get the vision or photos you need.

Please note that V/Line staff members are not authorised to speak to the media at any time.

A valid myki or V/Line paper ticket is required for travel on our services.

Non-media filming and photography requests for government, local government, community, commercial or other professional purposes need to be made online.

Amateur photography is permitted, provided you stay behind the yellow line on the platform and keep outside the rail reserve, well away from the tracks. You must not affect or photograph other customers. For professional filming and photography, please submit a third-party access request.