Freight information & access

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) approved an access arrangement for the operation of freight trains on the V/Line network. You can download these documents from the links below.

V/Line’s current standard access prices for financial year 2020/21 are:
Flagfall  ($/km)
Bulkgrain -
Other freight (containers) $1.05
Variable Rate  ($1000/GTK)
Bulkgrain $4.90
Other freight (containers) $1.95
Geelong Grain Loop Flat fee
Access to Geelong Grain loop $91.10
Access to certain Sidings & Terminals* Per vehicle
Somerton $15.45
Melbourne Arrival Sidings $15.45
Tottenham Yard $15.45

* No fee for the first 24 hours of access to the listed sidings and terminals. Access fee listed applies per vehicle for each consecutive 24 hour period of access.