Network access and freight

Accessing V/Line land


Holders of a valid Site Access Permit (SAP) are able to access V/Line land.

Types of access

Non-disruptive access: a minimum of 28 business days notification is required to process an application that does not affect train services.

Disruptive access: a minimum of 90 days is required for access that disrupts train services.

Requesting access

To request access to V/Line land for any activities, please fill out the form by clicking the link below. 


Freight information & access

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) approved an access arrangement for the operation of freight trains on the V/Line network.

You can download these documents from the links below.

V/Line’s current standard access prices for financial year 2018/19 are:
Flagfall  ($/km)
Bulkgrain $0.00
Other freight (containers) $1.00
Variable Rate  ($1000/ GTK)
Bulkgrain $4.74
Other freight (containers) $1.89
Geelong Grain Loop Flat fee
Access to Geelong Grain loop $88.49
Access to certain Sidings & Terminals* Per vehicle
Somerton $15.00
Melbourne Arrival Sidings $15.00
Tottenham Yard $15.00

* No fee for the first 24 hours of access to the listed sidings and terminals. Access fee listed applies per vehicle for each consecutive 24 hour period of access.

More information

For more information about what's required to obtain access on the V/Line network, please download the guide below.

V/Line site access guide
PDF 735kB
Third parties completing under track bores and excavating on V/Line leased land
PDF 421kB

For further information please email

For all freight related queries please email