V/Line procurement activity plan 

The V/Line procurement activity plan provides suppliers an indication of likely procurement activities to be undertaken by V/Line. The disclosures below are provided for information purposes only and are subject to amendment from time to time.  
Procurement/category title Type of activity Scope Market approach Planned to go to market
Vegetation Management Panel Fuel Reduction/Slashing
Grading access track
Weed control
Hazardous tree assessment
Hazardous tree removal
Pest/Animal control
Network Vegetation Management and Fire Prevention works  Tender  2017 Q2
Electrical Materials Panel Wholesaler Electrical Materials Electrical Consumables, Circuit Breakers, Lighting, Switchboards, Conduit, Installation Material Tender/ Expression of Interest 2017 Q2/Q3
Communications Material Panel Type Approved - Communication Material  Routers, Switches, Servers, Radio Equipment, Switch Gear etc. Tender/ Expression of Interest 2017 Q2/Q3