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The services we provide are vital to Victoria. Our 1600 staff are proud to work for an organisation that supports the communities across the state. We provide a sustainable and green way to travel whether it's for work, study, visiting friends and family or leisure.

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Be part of something different

At V/Line, we have people in many interesting roles all around the state. If you are a school leaver looking for your first job, traineeship or apprenticeship, or maybe you're a university graduate or qualified tradesperson, then V/Line might have what you are looking for. We have jobs to suit practical and academic people and everything in between. You will work with great colleagues and will benefit from free travel on Victorian public transport. Importantly, you will have the opportunity to work close to home.


Meet our people

Hi, my name is Gina, I’m a Senior Specialist, Health and Wellbeing for V/Line and I work at head office.

I got started with V/Line in a health and safety role and mainly because of personal experience.

I lost my father in a workplace accident and I thought that doing health and safety would make a difference in terms of getting a safer working environment.

Well, I’m sort of a gym freak, so I do a lot of training, I like keeping physically active, I like fast cars too.

These outside activities do help my morale because I think it’s important that I lead by example.

Different food selections, everyone likes to exercise and go to the gym but there are other options that we can look at, you know?

Recently I’ve been trying to get the guys to use the stairs, just increase their physical activity or get off the tram stop early and just walk a bit longer, just to increase your health a little bit.

It’s not just because you got a puff, it’s because it makes you feel better and your heart rate gets better and it’s better for you.

It’s important for our employees to be fit and healthy mentally because that obviously carries over to our people catch our trains, our customers.

I need to make sure our people are healthy and alert and be able to drive the trains safely or be able to listen to customers' issues on the train and talk to them and be comfortable having a conversation with them, I think they’ve got to be in a good space.

To me, V/Line is about more than getting customers from A to B, it’s about people moving people.

Authorised by the Victorian Government.
1 Treasury place, Melbourne.
Hi, I’m Jayden and I’m a Project Manager with V/Line, looking after track and civil works and I’m based out of the Melbourne head office.

So basically I coordinate major upgrades and repairs to bridges. I’m involved in everything from the design phase through to planning the works and actually getting onsite, on the ground and carrying them out.
There is no real typical day I suppose for a Project Manager. Somedays you’ll be out, spending three or four hours in the car driving to site. You’ll also spend a lot of time in the office, on the phone organising works, just basically coordinating projects.

Outside of work, I like to keep fit, I enjoy cycling. I cycle to work as much as I can, I enjoy running and just generally keeping fit.
I often don’t get to take advantage of the V/Line network. Our work sites are isolated, so there’s a lot of time driving all around the state.

Malmsbury Viaduct is an old bluestone arch bridge that was built a number of years ago and our job is to maintain the integrity by replacing the mortar and we’re also looking at doing some water proofing works on the deck to try and prevent the problems happening again in the future.

Recently part of the Gippsland line was closed because of bridge problems at Morwell River, and it was a good example of everyone at V/Line chipping in, and we were basically working around the clock to try rebuilt the bridge and get the line back open for customers.

The purpose of our work is that we’re trying to upgrade the infrastructure so that they aren’t delays for speed restrictions.
Our role is to keep the bridges and the rest of the network in a good condition, which gives customers a safe, reliable and comfortable journey to work, to home, or wherever they choose to go.
To me, V/Line is about more than getting customers from A to B, it’s about people moving people.
Authorised by the Victorian Government.
1 Treasury place, Melbourne.
Hi, my name is Rick and I’m a Workforce Controller with V/Line at Southern Cross Station.

I’m known as the loud one at work and you know it could have been yourself.

My role involves scheduling of the country trains running on time, running effectively.

I work hard to ensure that all our customers are on a train that’s reliable and comfortable and safe.
A typical day for me is I get to work at 7.30, I listen to any messages and hopefully there’s no messages that pertain to any immediate action for any sickies or stuff and I just start organising the rosters for the next couple of days.

Anytime I get a break, I’ll go down to the subways and the acoustics are great.
I’ve done lot of amateur theater and I just love to sing so I just let the voice soar.
Sometimes, I’ve actually gone up the subways and forgotten myself and then there’s customers looking down and that’s quite fun.

I like working with V/Line because it gets Melbourne moving.
A city it attracts people, ever since I was a kid I love buildings it attracts vitality, it attracts jobs and it’s just exactly where I like to be.

My daughters say “Daddy there’s the purple caterpillars", I said "They’re my trains, darling.” and it’s a sense of belonging and it’s being proud of who I am and where I am.
To me, V/Line is about more than getting customers from A to B, it’s about people moving people.
Authorised by the Victorian Government.
1 Treasury place, Melbourne.
Hi. My name is Sarah, I'm a Services Officer for V/Line at Drouin Station.
A typical day in the role is waking up bright and early. I'm the first point of contact for the customers, I’m here to help them with all their needs, I top up mykis, sell tickets. I make announcements to keep them informed of when trains are arriving and departing and give them up-to-date timetable information.

Drouin is a very community-orientated town. It’s a fairly small town, community is very important and I think V/Line plays a big role in that.

We’re able to connect them to the city and then also bring them home to the country.

Best part of my role is the customers, I enjoy the interaction, I enjoy having a chat and hearing their stories, getting to know them.

It’s nice to have this sense of community with the people that come in to the station every day, it’s great to be able to have a laugh with them and just brighten up their day.
My job is about making sure the customers have a safe and happy journey.

To me, V/Line is about more than getting customers from A to B, it’s about people moving people.

Authorised by the Victorian Government.
1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

Be part of an industry for the future

With more people choosing to travel by public transport, we’re growing at an unprecedented rate. The Victorian Government is investing many millions of dollars into rail infrastructure and new technology. This means we’re looking for people to work with us to develop their careers in the rail industry.

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Benefit and grow

Enjoy the variety and opportunity to move around and try new jobs.

There are diverse technical roles in areas such as signal maintenance, fleet engineering and transport logistics. Systems and technology will make these roles highly sought in the future.

We have customer service jobs on board our trains and at our stations. Our corporate offices also offer jobs in finance, marketing and communications, human resources, information technology, environment, safety, contracts and procurement.

Operational positions such as train controllers, drivers and shunters keep our services running seven days a week.

Our infrastructure and network services departments maintain our signals and tracks, conduct emergency repairs and upgrade the rail network. Graduate roles exist in the areas of engineering including civil, electrical, structural and mechanical. Apprenticeships and trades are also available.

We also need people who like to get their hands dirty, want to work outdoors and want to work with specialised machinery. Our teams of infrastructure maintenance workers are located right across Victoria and are looking after our tracks.


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Career FAQs

We can only accept your resume via our online application process when there is a vacancy listed, as we have no capacity to store your information. Please continue to check our website for vacancies suitable to your skills and experience. 
Certainly. You may apply to join V/Line in another capacity suitable to your skills and experience. If you become part of the V/Line workforce, you can apply for an internal Trainee Driver position when they arise. 
All opportunities are listed on the careers page of our website. You will need to apply when they become available.
Anyone who feels they have the required skills to be a train driver is welcome to apply when the roles are advertised on the website. We seek people who are safety and customer focused and able to able to operate independently.